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Upload with FTP

Using CuteFTP 3.5 to Upload Your Site

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, simple, huh. It's how your files get from your computer to another one. The nice thing about FTP is that you both don't have to be the same platform. You can be running a Mac and send your files to a Unix, as long as it's running FTP server software.

There are lots of ways to do it. AOL Press FTP's your files when you publish and so does Netscape Gold with it's page editor. With the IE 5 browser and Netscape 3+ you can upload individual files. But the easiest way I've found is with a program called CuteFTP.

CuteFTP has an easy GUI, (Graphical User Interface), modeled after Windows File Manager but with all the later conviences such as toolbars and context sensitive help. You can get more info and download CuteFTP here.

For Macintosh users there's a program called Fetch. Since I've only used Macs a couple of times, I won't pretend to tell you that I know how to use that program. So, go to that site and check it out.

AOL users may like CuteFTP a lot.  You can upload multiple files with a couple of simple clicks. As opposed to "My Place" where you can only upload one file at a time.

To help you set up CuteFTP for use on AOL I've put the following image together for you. 

1. Click on File and then Preferences. Make sure your AOL address is in there as the "Mail Address:"

Click Apply, then OK.

This is the screen you get when you click on Site Manager in the CuteFTP File menu and then select Add Site.

  • The "Site Label" can be anything you want.  That's how it's going to show up in your "Site Manager" for you to click on to connect with your FTP.
  • "Host Address" you type in
  • "User ID" is anonymous
  • "Password" is for AOL.
  • "Login type" be careful.  Make sure you check that last because it likes to switch back to "Normal" as default.  To sign on to your FTP space at AOL you have to log in as "Anonymous"
  • "Initial Local Directory" is on your PC where ever you have your pages and/or images that you want to start in.

That's it. Now all you have to do is double click on your "Site Label" in Site Manager and it will connect to your FTP space.  Your files on your computer will show up in the lower left space on the CuteFTP screen and your files at your FTP space in the lower right.

Double click on a file to upload or to upload more than one file at a time click once on a file, then hold CTRL and click on other files until you have highlighted all the files you want to send and click the upload button on the main toolbar.  Off they go.

You can make changes to files in your FTP space with this too. Click once to highlight any file in your directory, then right click on the file to see a menu of choices. Right click on just the directory itself, and you can create a new directory or folder to upload to in your FTP space.

You can even select sounds from your PC to play when CuteFTP has sent the file. Everything else should set up by itself.  There's more to CuteFTP for downloading from FTP sites and, of course, it can be used to upload to other FTP servers too.

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