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If you can't find the answer in the other help pages, you may find it here.

AOL Web Publishing FAQ - AOL Only Link

Can I email you for help?
Web design is what I do for a living, it's my job.  If you're prepared to pay for my services I will help. As I've said many times, getting a web page isn't like ordering fast food.  It requires work and patience.  If you're not prepared for the work part of the page construction, just be happy with the results you get with a program like AOL Personal Publisher or AOL Press.  Many of the programs available, some for free, can make an excellent looking page with very little work.

There are a zillion places on the web and on AOL for help with your web page.  Do a search at Yahoo! for HTML or HTML Tutorial and you'll come up with tons of hits.

For AOL members, try keyword "On The Net"


Email Links

How do I make a link to my email?
Here's the code:
<a href="mailto:A HREF="">Click here to send me mail</A>

Can I make the subject appear?
This doesn't work for all email programs, but, insert just after the .com ?subject=Your Subject



How do I reset my counter?
For AOL,

  1. go to keyword My Place
  2. click on "Go To My Place"
  3. click on the .odometer file for your counter
  4. click "Utilities"
  5. click "Delete"

The next time someone goes to your page a new .odometer file will automatically be created.

Can I have more than one counter?
On AOL, and many other services, at the end of the counter code before the final " just add /1 for a new counter and then /2 if you want another on a different page.    AOL limits the number of counters for each directory to 20.

How do I view my counter without going to my page?
For AOL,

  1. go to keyword My Place
  2. click on "Go To My Place"
  3. double click on the .odometer file for your counter
  4. click on "View File"



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