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How do I specify which frame my links open in?

You can control how links open, and in which of your frame windows. This is called "targeting your frames". Without using targets when you click on a link on the left frame, it will open the page in the left frame. However, your frame may not be large enough to display the whole page. Perhaps you would like to display the new page using the whole screen. This can be done using the TARGET tag. An example of an anchor link tag opening into a full screen would be:

<A HREF="url" TARGET="_top">
It's a good idea when you're giving a link to a site outside of your own to target it that way so the viewer can see the full page. You know how annoying it is to get a frame page within a frame page. That's why so many web designers really hate frames.

Another option maybe to open a link in another frame of the same browser window. You would do this first by giving that frame a name in the FRAME SRC tag: This is called "Naming your frames" and even if you're not going to target to that frame, it's a good idea to name all of your frames in your FRAMESET

<FRAME SRC="page1.html" NAME="LeftFrame">
<FRAME SRC="page2.html" NAME="RightFrame">
Then in the anchor link tag, add the target and the name of the frame to go to:
<A HREF="url" TARGET="RightFrame">

Suppose you want every link in the left frame to open in the right frame. You can do this by adding
<BASE TARGET="RightFrame"> inside your left frame's <HEAD> tag. Remember, that doesn't go in the <FRAMESET> page, it goes in the page containing the links to the other frame.

Perhaps your viewer has linked to your framed site from inside another framed site and is viewing your frames from within a frame of someone else's page. This can be distracting, and you may want to add a helpful link to open your page full screen. You can do this by adding a line in your page that says:
"If you have come to this page from within another frame, you may <A HREF="url of your page" TARGET="_parent">click here </A> to view my page full screen"


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